We would like to offer you an innovative way to help sponsor our children. While many like organizations have a “Sponsor a Child” program, our context is somewhat different than theirs for the following reasons:

A number of organizations like ours that work in “Developing Nations” strive to sponsor children at the local community levels in terms of education, nutrition, and meeting their basic needs. Many times, this is done while they live with their own families.

    Our Restaurando Esperanza Internacional Family home for female children is cooperating with the Peruvian court system and Peru's Custody Investigation Unit in the rescue of children from these types of villages and/or impoverished areas of cities. A good number of our girls are permanent members of our family while others are placed with us temporarily by the State.

      We offer a “Sponsor a Bed” program in which you can easily and simply become a part of via our Donate page.  In this way, we ensure that no child feels left out if they do not have a sponsor.  Additionally, this also avoids the awkwardness of a sponsor’s child leaving our home due to the legal system returning her to her biological family – if it is in the child’s best interest.

      People often ask us how much does it cost to care for a girl per month. In order for us to care for 20 children and teens, it costs us $235/month/girl. This includes everything they need to have normal and happy lives in addition to all the related overhead expenses in managing a quality home. If you were to actually see for yourself all that we are giving our kids in terms of care, you will see that every donated dollar does go quite far!

      We also know that most people simply do not have an extra $235/month to gift to any organization at all. However, any financial gift - be it small or large - is very appreciated. We employ the highest levels of integrity as per every dollar we receive for the care of our children.  Our girls do need your help. Please consider this wonderful opportunity to partake in securing a safe and positive future for them!