"Restaurando Esperanza Internacional" Family Home for Female Children

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We are very pleased to present our sponsored family home for girls, "Restaurando Esperanza Internacional" or in English, "Restoring Hope International" located in the southern Andean city of Arequipa, Peru.

We chose this name we did for a couple of reasons:

1. We are not operating an orphanage. An orphanage is basically a warehouse where only the basic needs of the children are met - mainly food, a bed, and some clothing. Period. Our home for socially at-risk female children is a family - not a shelter. Our kids receive love, attention, help, a good education, restoration, and a deep knowledge that God loves them and has a purpose for their lives. All this, and much more, like a responsible, healthy family should be.


Additionally, we do not seek to be a large home in terms of numbers of children rescued and sheltered. With a number of years of experience in this field, our focus is on quality of care given to our family and not on the quantity of children living in our home. With this in mind, we will maintain a smaller family unit. We also continuously work to evaluate our work amongst our daughters so as to give them the highest degree of care possible.

2. Our girls are part of an extended international family that participates in securing a positive future for them. Our family consists of individuals, like you, who seek to help our children in one fashion or another.

The court system, located throughout the southern region of Peru, in addition to the Custody Investigation Unit located in the city of Arequipa, receive children from diverse areas of the large southern end of Peru.  The reason being is due to the size and nature of the greater metropolitan area of Arequipa.  It offers the amount of resources that other cities in that part of the country simply do not have.  Additionally, Arequipa has a shortage of children’s homes that are all endeavoring together to meet the ever-growing need to shelter Southern Peru’s abandoned, abused, and exploited children.

3. Most importantly: We serve to be an expression of God’s heart towards the children He gives us. His heart is expressed very well in Psalm 68, verses 5 and 6 – “A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy dwelling. God sets the lonely in families…”

We consider it a privilege to be used of Him to provide a family for the children and youth that we have.

To properly restore and rehabilitate a child, a number of matters must first be taken into account for the “Whole Development of a Child”.  A few of these include:

1. Education

2. Health

3. Spiritual Orientation

4. Clothing

5. Nutrition

6. Sense of being part of a family that forms spiritual and moral values: Loyalty, honesty, responsibility, solidarity, love, humility, peace and truth, justice, dignity and respect.  In order to form these values as noted in #6, items 1-5 are needed.

 Arequipa, Peru’s second largest city, offers all the above in abundance, including areas of recreation and a very pleasant climate that lends itself to help create a happy environment.  Coupled with this, our Peru staff has a number of years of working with the court system there and we are very familiar with the city and its workings.

You Can Help

Our home for female children has been open since January of 2011. It is a home of happiness and security for some really neat kids!

 You can participate in their lives by:

  1. By contributing, monthly, to help us with the costs of raising our family of children.
  2. Optionally, a one-time offering would be a great help too!
  3. Tell your friends about us.
  4. If you know of a foundation, trust, business, church, or civic organization that may be interested in us, please help us make the contact with them.
  5. Consider spreading the word about our children and organization on your social media.
  6. You may have some good ideas as to how to help us! 
  7. Actual current cost per month per child/youth is $300. Seems like a lot. But, taking into account their food, clothing, education, medical/dental/eye care, staff salaries, rent, lights, water, internet, office expenses, and much more, this still is a pretty good deal - all this, taking into account the economic context of Arequipa, Peru.