Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in learning more about how we meet some of the many needs our world presents to all of us!

Our Name

We are Restoring Hope International Foundation of Leavenworth, WA – Doing Business As (“DBA”) Restoring Children International.  In doing so, we are drawing a clear distinction of who we are and how we market our organization, including our presence on the internet.  Most importantly, we want our name to reflect our Focus, Philosophy, and Mission.

Our Videos / Nuestros Videos

Our first two videos show our heart, concern, and mission. These are brief documentaries concerning the causes and effects in impoverished Peruvian society that produce socially at-risk children. Many of these types of children need to be rescued and restored. This is Restoring Children International's call to action.


Our Focus

Our organization was founded to rescue at-risk female children in the country of Peru, South America.

Our Philosophy

At Restoring Children International we believe that, in many ways, our lives boil down to responsibility. This responsibility must obviously be lived out towards our own immediate families and our counties of origin. However, we believe that it does not stop there. It simply cannot. With the great increase in technologies in every facet of our lives to include that of electronics and means of transportation, our world has grown smaller. We can no longer turn a blind eye to the needs of our neighbors outside of our borders and expect someone else to supply what they lack. The sad reality is that most people simply will not help. We believe that with the great privilege of living in affluent countries also comes the great responsibility of helping those who cannot help themselves - those who have little or no voice in their societies.

Our Mission

Our heart and mission is to set an example of love and hope for the family in a practical manner by sheltering, educating, and restoring lives.  We accomplish this through:

Reach out to those in need, abandonment, and exploitation.

Build projects that will meet those needs.

Partner with interested individuals, businesses, churches, civic organizations, and others both on the foreign field and in the Western World to carry out our mission. 

Our particular call to action must be focused if we are complete our mission.  Our main attention is given to the following:

  • To rescue and restore female children who have been victimized by ignorance.

  • To provide them with education and training so that they will be able to care for themselves and raise healthy, loving families.

We strongly feel that this is our responsibility before God to our fellow man.